Some Changes in These Parts

You might have noticed a change or two around here in recent days. Recently, I mentioned that I was thinking about building The Plain Text Project site using only HTML and CSS. Well, that migration took a lot less time than I thought it would.

The changes are mostly cosmetic — the site has a different look and feel (thanks to a minimalist stylesheet called MVP.css). The Plain Text Project now has a simple and I think very clean look.

However, the articles on the site are now in a subfolder called articles. So, if you've bookmarked something you've read in this space before June 2020, that link is broken. You need to update the bookmark by adding articles/ to the URL — for example, this:

Is now this:

Sorry about that. Why did I make that change, you ask? It makes organizing the articles a bit easier and a lot tidier.

(And if I knew how to create a URL rewrite rule, and knew it worked with GitLab Pages, I would.)

Then there’s the RSS feed … I think that it's working now. But I also wouldn't be surprised if it was still a bit (or more than a bit) balky. If you're having trouble with it, try unsubscribing from the feed and then resubscribing using this link:

Regardless, I'm working on a longer article explaining the why and the how of the migration from Jekyll to HTML and CSS. Keep an eye out for it.