Closing Shop

by: Scott Nesbitt | 21 December 2022

After six years and I don’t know how many articles, it’s time to close shop. This is the last item I’ll be posting to The Plain Text Project. Ever.

Why? I’ve started to realize that over the last several months, I’ve been going in circles in this space. While the circle is a nice, safe, aesthetically-pleasing shape it’s not my favourite shape. I really don't see the point of continually treading the same path, no matter how comfortable doing that is.

Looking back at everything I’ve published here over the years, it’s dawned on me that I’ve said everything I can say about plain text. That I've said everything I've needed to say about plain text. And that I've said everything I've wanted to say about plain text. There’s definitely more to write on this subject, but I’m not the one to do it.

The Plain Text Project isn’t going to disappear off the interwebs. I’m going to keep it alive for as long as I can. The domain’s registration is good until the end of May, 2023. On the off chance that I don’t renew the domain, should continue to work.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. It’s been fun, interesting, and a great learning experience for me. I hope it's been that for you, too.