This is an ever-expanding list of tools that can help you work and live more efficiently in plain text. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

Text Editors

  • Notepad++ — A popular text editor that's good for both programmers and ordinary mortals (Windows)
  • Atom — While aimed at coders, Atom is a great and flexible editor for anyone working in plain text (Linux, MacOS, Windows)
  • Leafpad — A simple but useful editor (Linux)

Note Taking Tools

  • Turtl — A secure note taking tool (Linux, MacOS, Android, Windows)
  • Standard Notes — A simple and secure app for taking and managing notes (Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Web, Windows)
  • nvALT — A plain text, Markdown-friendly desktop app (MacOS)
  • Notational Velocity — The tool that inspired nvALT(MacOS)

Task Managers

  • Todo.txt — A simple, effective command line task manager(Linux, MacOS)
  • DayTasks — A plain text task manager for the Linux desktop (Linux)
  • TodoPaperSimple to-do list software for Windows (Windows)
  • TaskPaper — A plain text to-do list that’s surprisingly adept (MacOS)

Mobile Apps

  • Simpletask — A task manager that uses Todo.txt's format (Android)
  • iA Writer — An app for taking notes, writing, and more (Android, iOS)
  • Writer+ — A simple app for jotting down notes or doing some serious writing (Android)

Web Apps

  • Laverna — A private, text-based note taking application
  • Writebox — A distraction-free writing tool
  • Simplenote — A simple, effective app for storing your thoughts and ideas
  • TextDrop — An online text editor that works with Dropbox
  • Draft — A flexible tool for writers
  • Typerighter — A simple web-based writing tool
  • Pandoc Online — An online version of Pandoc that can convert between a handful of markup languages

Other Tools