Eight Questions For AJ Roddick

by: Scott Nesbitt | 21 May 2019

Welcome to another edition of Eight Questions For …, where I pick the brains of plain text enthusiasts from around the world and around the web.

This time around, I chat with student AJ Roddick. AJ got in touch with me via my contact form to tell me how much he enjoys reading this site. Yeah, I like a little praise now and then …

Even though AJ claimed that he’s no one special, from what he wrote I thought he’d be a good interview subject. And he agreed!

Let’s hear from AJ:

When did you start using plain text?

I made the transition to plain text in late 2018, around September I believe.

Why did you start using plain text?

I was giving myself a headache looking for the perfect app set up and I was getting lazy with paper based notepads so it made sense as I’m always on a PC of some sort.

What do you use plain text for?

Absolutely everything. I plan my day, log my workouts, track my habits and journal my thoughts.

What keeps you using plain text?

Simplicity and speed are the two main reasons. Another reason is that plain text has stood the test of time and it’s not going anywhere. You can just edit them on the fly and add to them, there’s no ifs or buts.

Do you use any markup or formatting languages? If so, which ones and why?

Not really. I use the todo.txt for my to-do lists, which has an “unofficial” syntax of its own. I have written some other notes formatted with Markdown.

What are your favourite plain text tools or applications?

Sublime Text is my main editor of choice. I use Editorial on my phone and use Dropbox to sync across my devices.

Is there one tool that you can’t do without?

Dropbox is what syncs everything, so probably that. I’d use any text editor thrown at me, I’m just comfortable with Sublime.

Is there anything you can’t do with plain text?

Not that I’ve discovered yet. I use a text-based calendar file now, although I sometimes miss my Google Calendar reminders. That’s about it.

If you want to learn more about AJ and what he does, you’re going to have to wait a little while. At the moment, he’s kind of anonymous on the web. AJ does plan to start a blog one day when he’s got something interesting to waffle on about.